Climate Change Protestors Halted Tour de France Bicyclists Twice Now (Updated)

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jul. 21 2022, Updated 10:02 a.m. ET

UPDATE: July 21, 2022, 9:55 a.m. ET: Climate change organization, Dernière Rénovation, has now conducted two protests during the Tour de France. The most recent took place on July 17, during stage 15 of the race. Five activists were arrested, and the race continued without stopping.

“The reality is that the world towards which politicians are sending us is a world in which the Tour de France can no longer exist,” a protester stated, per Plant Based News. “We must act and enter into civil resistance today to save what remains to be saved.”

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PREVIOUSLY: A month after an environmental activist interrupted the French Open men's semi-final, another protest — evidently led by the same climate organization — halted several cyclists during the 2022 Tour de France on July 12.

The Tour de France protest was relatively brief. Those involved were quickly cleared from the racers' path, but it definitely left an impression on viewers and those competing in the annual race.

A 32-year-old protestor, who goes by the name of Alice, stated in a press release from the organization that she couldn't just ignore global warming and watch the race.

"I would rather be with my grandfather, be quiet on my sofa watching the Tour de France, while the government does its job. But this is not the reality," she stated. "The reality is that the world to which the politicians are sending us is a world in which the Tour de France will no longer be able to exist."

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"In this world, we will be busy fighting to feed ourselves and to save our families. Under these conditions we will face mass wars and famines. We must act and enter into civil resistance today to save what remains to be saved," she continued.

"What do you expect from me? That I stay on the roadside watching my life go by like I watch cyclists go by? No, I decided to act and interfere to avoid the worst episode of suffering and create a new world. Because everything can still change."

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The Tour de France protest was led by Dernière Rénovation, an environmental organization.

Climate change organization, Derniere Renovation, led both protests during the French Open, and most recently, the 2022 Tour de France. The first Tour de France protest took place on Tuesday, July 12, during the 10th stage of the race, between Morzine and Megève at Magland, with nine protestors halting the race for about 15 minutes.

"We must stop the mad race towards our towards our annihilation," reads a quote from the press release, translated to English via DeepL Translator.

According to the press release, humans have 989 days to "save our future, our humanity" from global warming, and the country of France's government is doing very little to make major changes.

Dernière Rénovation instigates protests during sporting events, as part of an international movement, led by the A22 Network. The group has apparently blockaded highways eight times since April 2022, and continues to lead nonviolent protests nationwide.

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The organization is advocating for policy changes, and pushes for legislation to curb climate change. The group also brings light to social justice issues, housing matters, and the energy crisis.

Needless to say, this will be a climate protest to remember. And even though cycling is notoriously the greenest means of transportation, Dernière Rénovation definitely succeeded in bringing climate change the attention it deserves.

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Tweets in favor of the protests have been hilarious.

Although many were upset the race was blockaded by protestors, tweets in favor of the protest are definitely on point. Check out a few of our favorites, below.

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