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Source: ISTOCK

How to Make Nontoxic Toilet Fizzies


Toilets deserve to be cleaned too, which is why toilet fizzies were invented in the first place. Essentially a bath bomb for your porcelain throne, toilet fizzies fizz up in toilet water, then release their active ingredients. The goal of fizzies is to deodorize, remove stains, and disinfect—with no scrubbing necessary. But did you know that even the “greenest” of toilet cleaners can sometimes hide harmful chemicals?

Most toilet bowl cleaners contain two nasty ingredients: hydrochloric acid and chlorine bleach. While hydrochloric acid only scores a 2-3 on the Environmental Working Group, the inorganic acid definitely poses some health concerns. The purpose of hydrochloric acid is to adjust pH levels; it also works as a buffer. Currently, there is incomplete evidence as to whether hydrochloric acid is linked to the development of cancer thanks to data gaps.