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Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

You Won't See Single-Use Drink Bottles at This Major Music Festival Anymore

By Sophie Hirsh

This year, the annual Glastonbury Music Festival is hoping to leave a much smaller environmental impact than usual. In a blog post on the festival's website, the organizers announced that the 2019 festival will not be selling single-use plastic drink bottles to festival goers, nor will they provide them to performers and staff. Instead, people can fill up reusable water bottles or purchase canned beverages.

The Glastonbury Music Festival has taken place annually in June at Worthy Farm in Somerset, England since 1970, with the exception of a few "fallow years," which are off-years to allow the land to recover. 2018 was a fallow year — and the land was certainly in need of a break. In fact, the festival has actually made headlines for the litter that concertgoers leave behind. 

As The Guardian reported in July 2016, around two weeks after the five-day festival concluded, Worthy Farm was still saturated with trash, discarded tents, and rotting poop. The Guardian also reported via the Glastonbury Free Press that in 2016, festival goers left 500,000 bags of rubbish and 1,022 tons of recycling on the festival site. Just search "Glastonbury Festival" and "garbage" on Getty Images, and you'll see an endless stream of images of staff cleaning up the insurmountable amount of trash that Glastonbury attendees left on site.