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Source: Courtesy of Ponix

Ponix Is Bringing Local Produce to Food Deserts With Hydroponic Technology


“We believe everybody should have access to fresh food,” Michael Choi, CEO of Ponix Farms tells me over the phone. Ponix is a New York City-based “food utility company” — only up and running in Atlanta, so far — that creatively uses hydroponics technology to grow produce in solar-powered container farms, not unlike shipping containers. Ponix’s primary goal is to establish food security in urban areas, namely in food deserts; additionally, the company wants to yield more nutritious, local produce; to reduce the environmental impact of the agriculture industry; and to provide more transparency about agricultural supply chains.

By “food utility" company, Ponix strives to function not unlike the utility companies that supply homes and businesses with heat, water, and electricity. “Very similar to how a power plant provides residents and businesses with electricity, we’re trying to … produce food at the point of consumption,” Choi says. “We’re trying to move the farm, and not the food.”