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Source: istock

An Unlikely Funeral: Iceland Lays to Rest a Deceased Glacier


Glaciers, ice, and snow are melting at troubling rates in arctic locations all over the world — but none have gotten as much recognition as the Okjökull glacier in Iceland. This weekend, Icelanders held a funeral for the deceased glacier at the top of the Ok volcano, where Okjökull was once an enormous icy mass. The funeral's goal? To raise awareness for the climate crisis and how it's affecting our planet.

As reported by the AP, Oddur Sigurðsson, an Iceland-based geologist, first declared Okjökull dead a few years ago. On Sunday, Sigurðsson unveiled a death certificate and a memorial plaque in honor of the former glacier at a funeral on top of the volcano. Around 100 people attended the funeral, all of whom had to hike for about two hours up the volcano.