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Source: Rent the Runway

How Rent The Runway Helps You Consume Less Clothing

By Kristin Hunt

The last time you opened your closet, what did you see? While we’d all like to say a neat row of clothes we love and wear all the time, that’s often not the case. Peer inside and you’ll spy an errant blazer that’s two sizes too big, some shirts that haven’t seen daylight since 2009, and at least one sundress with the tag still hanging off it.

It’s tough to keep your wardrobe in good condition. Between changing seasons and trends, cheap items that tear after a few uses, and disastrous spills, we’re constantly losing and gaining new clothes. And that’s a problem, when you consider the enormous toll the fashion industry takes on the planet. Some reports claim that fashion contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than international flights and shipping combined, and textile dyeing alone is the second biggest polluter of clean water around the world.

There’s a simple way to curb your shopping while staying chic, and it involves renting outfits.