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Renting Your Clothes Gives You an Endless Wardrobe — While Helping the Environment


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Back in the day, renting clothes probably meant you were renting a tuxedo; beyond that, if you told someone you were renting your clothes, they probably would’ve looked at you like you had three heads. Today, we’re in the midst of a renting revolution — with more and more people realizing that renting is not only a powerful option in terms of changing up your wardrobe and saving money, but it’s also sustainable and more environmentally friendly. 

Globally, people have a bit of a shopping problem (in general, but also with clothing specifically) and as a result, we have a gigantic waste problem; the cyclical nature of trends has fashionistas everywhere constantly refreshing their wardrobes, and the effects the fashion industry has had on the planet is undeniable — during every step of the way, from the moment its produced until it reaches the end of its lifecycle.