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Source: Courtesy of Native Shoes

Native Shoes Launches 100% Backyard Compostable and Plant-Based Sneaker


Native Shoes is known for its "Beast Free" motto, which means the affordable and colorful shoe brand does not use animal products on any of its shoes. And while buying animal-free shoes is always a positive choice for the Earth, there are so many other ways to make sure your shoes are eco-friendly. So, to take their dedication to animals and the environment even further, the team at Native Shoes is launching The Plant Shoe, a 100 percent compostable, natural, plant-based, and unisex sneaker.

A representative for Native Shoes shared the exciting news with Green Matters in an email ahead of The Plant Shoe's June 12 launch. According to the company, The Plant Shoe is the "first and only modern sneaker" that is completely animal-free and biodegradable.