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Source: Courtesy of Loop

'Loop' Launches in the U.S., Bringing Customers the Products They Love in a Milkman Model


If you were hoping to place an order from Loop on its opening business day, good luck. The circular shopping platform launches in the New York region today, Tuesday, May 21, and there are only a few thousand U.S. memberships available for the first U.S. round of orders — but about 60,000 hopefuls on the global waitlist. To learn more about the milkman-inspired platform, Green Matters spoke with Loop's VP of Global Business Development, Tony Rossi

"The mission has always been the same: It’s how do we attack disposability and create a platform where reusability is the thing?" Rossi tells Green Matters over the phone. Rossi has worked in Business Development at TerraCycle since 2012, and about 18 months ago, he transitioned to a new role to help develop Loop. His primary job is "to introduce new partners — companies large and small — to what we do, and figure out a way we can work together."