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Source: ISTOCK

Zero-Waste Methods to Get Your Jars Stink-Free and Label-Less


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When making the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, it can be tempting to buy every Mason jar you come into contact with — despite the perfectly good tomato sauce jars filling up your recycling bin. But when it comes to reducing waste, it's always better to use what you have rather than buy new items — yes, including that pickle jar that still reeks of pickles. So to help you avoid the temptation of walking out of Target with a full case of matching Ball jars, here are a few tips for getting the smell out of the ones you already have — without creating any waste.

So many common kitchen items are available to purchase in jars. For example, there's jam, mustard, artichokes, salsa, pasta sauce, coconut yogurt, nut butters, mayonnaise... the list goes on. So if you're looking to build up your jar collection, next time you go grocery shopping, look for which items you can buy in a glass jar instead of plastic. Not only will you have one less plastic item to recycle (and pray that it actually gets recycled), but you'll also have a fancy upcycled jar once you finish scooping all the peanut butter out with your fingers. (Did I say that out loud?)