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How to Make Sustainable Dog Treats at Home


Having a pet doesn’t have mean a zero-waste lifestyle is out of the question. Buying in bulk, composting poop, and making sustainable dog treats at home are effective ways to cut back on waste. While finding low-impact solutions for a dog is certainly an adjustment, avoiding packaging whenever possible is one of the key ways to make your dog’s care as zero-waste as possible. One of the main ways of doing that is making dog treats at home with a few sustainable ingredients.

Dog treats purchased in-store or online almost always come in packaging — whether it’s plastic, a cardboard box, or a mixture of both. If such packaging is purchased, the best option is to recycle it. However, remember that sustainability doesn’t necessarily equate recycling; living a low-impact lifestyle doesn’t mean recycling more, it means creating less waste in total, so that less recycling is necessary.