Gianna Simone and Andrea Logan On Plant-Based Projects and "Green Routines" (Exclusive)

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Jun. 15 2021, Published 5:27 p.m. ET

Plant Love Authors, Giana and Andrea
Source: Gianna & Andrea

There's truly nothing more wholesome than two BFFs collaborating on a passion project — especially when it involves vegan food. And although that would be a mere pipe dream for many, actresses Gianna Simone and Andrea Logan are getting to do that IRL. The two released a plant-based cookbook called Plant Love, and Simone is about to release Season 2 of her Amazon Prime Video vegan cooking show, Love, Gianna. Luckily, Green Matters was able to catch up with them via email to discuss these projects and "Green Routines."

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"We are just so excited for it to be out and available to the public, as we poured so much love into this!" Simone tells Green Matters. "Eating beautiful foods, that are life-giving and promoting vs. death and distraction is a no-brainer for us. So we created Plant Love to plant love in people’s lives and to inspire them to love plants."

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Simone and Logan became passionate about vegan cooking for different reasons — Simone was on a mission to protect the planet and everyone living in it, and Logan, a single mom, wanted to find easy, healthy recipes for her kids. But, they decided to join forces and create an aesthetically-pleasing guide to vegan cooking, Plant Love, that offers a variety of recipes that mostly only call for 10 ingredients or less.

"Learning to cook is a muscle, and you just have to get in there and experiment," Logan explains.

"Gianna and I love to 'veganize' any recipe by replacing the standard American ingredients, with fresh, whole foods which allow your body to run at optimal health," Logan continues.

"We wanted to have a very simple, easy, and truly health-promoting tool people can use to improve their lives and enjoy them to their fullest," Simone adds. "We believe a big part of that is diet. Food impacts and influences every other area of life."

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Season 2 of Simone's health series, Love, Gianna, also just started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The show aims to inform people on the health benefits of veganism — regardless if you're an athlete or just a regular person.

"Love, Gianna is a show that I started from a public need I saw," Simone explains. "I learned that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women. I also learned that it is preventable and reversible with a whole food plant-based diet."

"So I knew had to share this powerful information... We are now in Season 2 shooting plant-powered athletes, many of whom were also featured in the hit documentary The Game Changers on Netflix. My intention with Season 2 is to inspire people. Showing that one can achieve any and all fitness goals with a plant-powered diet, no matter where you are on your journey," Simone says.

Watch the Season 2 trailer, below, and keep scrolling for both Simone and Logan's Green Routines.

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GREEN MATTERS: Why is protecting the planet important to you?

GIANNA SIMONE: Earth is our home in this human life. It’s a blessing and a gift. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards and caretakers of it. We only get one life, one Earth, and one shot at experiencing life in this specific physical awareness. It’s precious, nor to be taken for granted. There only so many days and times, we will be able to smell flowers, eat great food, touch animals, cuddle with our loved ones, etc, etc. Every single precious moment on this earth is worth thinking about, respecting, protecting, and savoring. It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on how to protect this blessing of our earth, then act.

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ANDREA LOGAN: We have generations of our children that will follow us, and the planet is only getting more toxic and polluted. Our children are genetically being passed down an absurd amount of toxins and chemicals. The more we educate ourselves on what we can do individually, our small steps can make a big difference.

Plant Love
Source: Gianna & Andrea
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GM: What has your sustainability journey looked like?

GS: I think being sustainable is such a journey just like being vegan. It’s all about caring, learning, and then putting what we’ve learned into practice. Even incrementally. I also want people to know this and every other journey should always be centered in love. Even small, progressive changes make a big difference; simultaneously knowing and accepting every single, individual choice, impacts those around us.

AL: As a child growing up in a small farm town, my grandparents and great parents were farmers. I still remember eating the best food straight from the garden. Now, we try to buy local and go to the farmers market when able, and support the local farmers. I tend to gravitate toward simplicity, minimalism, and not overspend in any area, and I have an electric vehicle which has been the best decision for us.

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GM: What is the biggest change you've made to live more sustainably?

GS: The most sustainable thing I’ve done was, and still is, choose to be vegan. Both with my diet and my lifestyle. Ethical fashion is out there if we look. Again, it’s all about caring then acting. I also try my best to use reusable bags, glass Tupperware, travel utensils, reusable silicone bags for storing refrigerated items or for packing food on the go, reusable water bottles or glass bottles, stainless steel and glass straws, etc. I also grow a lot of my own food, which is so fun to do!

AL: Buying local, and switching my vehicle to electric.

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Plant-Based Cooking
Source: Gianna & Andrea

GM: What is the one tip you give anyone trying to go green?

GS: No. 1 tip: Go vegan!

AL: Look into local options for food, solar, and surround yourself with others who have the same mindset.

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GM: What is the biggest misconception about living sustainably that you have discovered?

GS: There’s no sustainability perfection. It’s all continual progress forward. Trying our best one decision at a time.

AL: It's not as hard as you think, and start small. It's not all or nothing, but every decision matters!

Vegan Cookbook
Source: Gianna & Andrea
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GM: Is there anything you've taught your friends about sustainability, or is there anything that your friends have taught you?

GS: My friends teach me so much! I want to continually support friends who also care and want to protect one another. By protecting the earth and the animals, then, in turn, we get protected. The true circle of life: love.

AL: I have many vegan friends, with similar views and beliefs, and we love to share tips on growing your food and talking about ways we can make a difference collectively. At the end of the day, surround yourself with a circle that inspires, encourages, and makes a difference for change in other lives.

"Green Routine" is a series from Green Matters that invites notable people in the environmental space to share the efforts they make to live more sustainably.

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