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Source: ISTOCK

England Sets Up Fund to Plant 130,000 Trees in Next Two Years


There are so many benefits to planting trees — and England is about to see that firsthand. The British government officially has secured funding to plant at least 130,000 trees in urban and urban-adjacent areas across England over the next two years, which breaks down to just 178 trees being planted a day. The funding will also cover the first three years of care for the trees.

U.K. Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced the news on Sunday, May 19. As a press release explained, the English government will be able to plant the trees thanks to £10 million (about $12.7 million USD) in grants provided by the HM Treasury (aka Her Majesty's treasury, which is Britain's Treasury). The HM Treasury first announced its intention to provide £10 million for planting at least 130,000 trees across England as part of the 2018 Autumn Budget. On May 18, 2019, the government founded the Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) in response to the HM Treasury's announcement, as explained on UTCF's website.