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Source: Perfect Homes Chiangmai/Facebook

A Thailand Supermarket Is Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Produce Packaging


Fresh produce with a side of plastic packaging has become the norm in grocery stores around the world over the past few decades. But luckily, many shops and brands are fighting that by innovating new ways to combat unnecessary plastic use. Most recently, a grocery store chain called Rimping, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has started using discarded banana leaves instead of plastic wrap to secure loose produce, and the creative packaging has taken the internet by storm.

The grocery store's innovation recently went viral when Chiang Mai-based real estate company Perfect Homes shared photos of cucumbers, lettuce, green beans, chili peppers, and more wrapped in Rimping's banana leaf packaging on Facebook. To secure the leaves in place, Rimping uses bamboo twist ties, which are also biodegradable, Metro noted.