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Source: Carlsberg

Carlsberg's Beer "Snap Packs" Use 76 Percent Less Plastic Than Six Pack Rings


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Long before there were viral videos of turtles with plastic straws stuck in their nostrils, there were videos of ducks with plastic six pack rings around their necks. However, like straws, the taboo stretchy plastic device is still the norm for six packs of beer — but one beer company is trying to change that. Recently, the Danish beer company Carlsberg transitioned away from plastic rings and to a new innovation, which the brand calls “Snap Packs.”

In the fall of 2018, the brewery announced that it will start sticking beer cans together with glue (more specifically, "innovative glue technology") instead of using six-pack rings. To make carrying the packs easier, a soft plastic handle is attached to the outer side of the two middle cans. According to The Telegraph, Carlsberg is the first company to use this method of adhesives. On its website, Carlsberg assures customers that the glue is strong enough to keep the cans stuck together during travel, but that a simple twist of the cans will snap them apart. “To get a good snap, [you] split the cans in two rows of three, and then roll off one can from the others, or simply snap it off, quickly,” Håkon Langen, Carlsberg Group's packaging innovation director, told Fast Company.