A SHEIN Customer Claims a Needle and a Vile of Blood Came in Her Delivery

According to one customer, her Shein delivery came with both a needle and a vile of blood...

Jamie Bichelman - Author

Mar. 18 2024, Published 3:13 p.m. ET

TikTok user Anna Marie is alleging that her order from online fashion retailer Shein came with both a needle and a vile of blood.

Screenshots from email conversations purported to be from both Shein customer service and the CDC seem to deny any involvement in the incident, leaving Anna Marie without the support she has been seeking.

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Keep reading to learn about the controversial claims, what we know about Anna Marie's attempts at resolution, and all of the fascinating details about this curious case of a delivery gone wrong.

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A Shein customer is claiming that her package arrived with a vial of blood.

In a video posted to TikTok in March 2024, set to creepy instrumental music, user @anna_200.1 claims that her order from Shein arrived with both an uncapped needle and a vile of blood.

"Shein is denying that they have anything to do with it," the caption reads. "And the CDC is refusing to help me and to stop the sheriff from destroying the blood sample before they can test it."

The video begins with photos of a vile containing a dark liquid beside a handful of plastic Shein packages. After that, screenshots from Anna Marie's photo album, apparently taken in August 2023, depict an uncapped needle.

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The video concludes with successive screenshots purported to be from Shein customer service and the CDC.

"Our investigation indicates that when your package went through our quality control process and left our facility, it contained only the items in the order," Shein Customer Service Manager, Kasie Tung, allegedly wrote to Anna Marie in an email, according to a screenshot in the video.

The CDC, it appears, did not provide the support or the resolution Anna Marie sought, allegedly telling Anna Marie in a screenshot conversation: "Unfortunately, this question is out of scope for CDC-INFO. We do not have content about what to do with the blood vial."

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Days later, Anna Marie posted a video on March 15 explaining that Shein had begun an investigation of the matter and was "actively taking steps to help." Shein also gave a statement to People noting that Shein was investigating the matter.

Anna Marie believes that FedEx might be responsible for what happened.

"It appears that it's actually FedEx who has some sort of contamination," Anna Marie alleges in the March 15 video. "I don't know if it's a disgruntled employee or what's going on, but I'd like to just call out that it is FedEx who has not reached out. They have not offered to help me."

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A lot of people are skeptical, and don't believe story is true.

The disgruntled sentiment Anna Marie shared in her follow-up videos conflicts with the initial video she posted days prior, during which the testing company associated with the blood vile, as well as Shein and the CDC, were portrayed as cooperative when she allegedly reached out to them.

She claims she called the CDC, who informed her that the agency is aware of the situation, investigating the incident, and filing a report as it is a "major biohazard."

Understandably, users have been suspicious about the accuracy of these claims.

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"I beg your HIGHEST of pardons?!" one user wrote. "As a sci-fi nerd I would think this is the start of my adventure and that the vial was sent to me by aliens or something," wrote another user.

Others noted the discrepancy between the date of the screenshots and when Anna Marie posted about the incident to TikTok.

"Why is the picture from August 21? And you never mentioned the needle at first now all of a sudden a needle too," a TikToker commented, and another agreed: "Yeah seems like they aren't giving all the info or not being honest about the details."

So for now, Anna Marie's story has yet to be proven true. We'll update this article if more light is shed on the matter.

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