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Source: Rainforest Trust

The Rainforest Trust Is Auctioning Off The Naming Rights To New Animal Species

By Kristin Hunt

When scientists uncover a brand new shark or sloth, they usually get to name the animal, too. But now, anyone can claim naming rights to an entire species — provided they have cash to spare.

This week, the Rainforest Trust will open bidding on the naming rights to 12 new plant and animal species, with all proceeds going towards conservation work around the globe. Interested bidders can choose from eight animals and four orchids, all starting at a minimum $10,000.

The first of the lot is a frog from the rainforests of Ecuador. According to the info on Freeman’s, the auction house hosting this event, the amphibian has a “distinctive” call and “soulful blue eyes” that pop against its yellow-brown skin. The rights to its name start at $15,000.