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Source: MarAlliance

This Newly Discovered Shark Has Enormous Eyes And An Interesting Name

By Kristin Hunt

Just in time for Shark Week, scientists have identified a new species of dogfish shark. The Squalus clarkae resides in deep waters, has strikingly large eyes, and takes its name from the famous marine biologist Eugenie Clark, aka “The Shark Lady.”

According to research published in Zootaxa, the Squalus clarkae is a dogfish native to the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean. Dogfish are much smaller than great white sharks or hammerheads, typically running about two to three feet in length. This particular dogfish has enormous eyes, which is why some people are calling it an “anime character” or “anime shark.

Its scientific name is an ode to Eugenie Clark, an ichthyologist who spent her life researching shark behavior. Clark was one of the first female marine biologists to rise to prominence, so much so that she earned the nickname “Shark Lady.” Over the course of her career, she conducted 72 deep sea dives and led more than 200 field research expeditions. She also founded the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, before passing away in 2015 at the age of 92.