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Source: Pixabay

Chernobyl's Nuclear Disaster Site Is Now A Solar Farm


Chernobyl is the infamous site of a nuclear power plant that exploded in 1986, killing over 31 people within the first three months and exposing thousands more to potentially lethal radiation. But the abandoned area around the former facility will now serve a new purpose, as home to a 1 megawatt solar power farm.

Solar Chernobyl officially launched the new farm on Friday, October 5. The site is located around 300 feet from the enormous arch where the damaged nuclear reactor is contained, according to Forbes. This new solar plant has the capacity to power about 2,000 households with its current 4-acre facility, but the ultimate goal is to scale up to 100 megawatts — and with that kind of energy, the farm could provide electricity to 200,000 homes.