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Source: Twitter

Family-Friendly 'Mr. Trash Wheel' Collects Junk From Baltimore Harbor

By Brian Spaen

Baltimore Inner Harbor features a wide variety of activities, from museums and parks to dining and nightlife. It’s a tourist attraction that doesn’t put much focus on the harbor itself, which has been a lightning rod for waste. The Waterfront Partnership wants to make the waters swimmable once again, and one of the ways they’re achieving that is with Mr. Trash Wheel.

Since 2012, both the Inner Harbor and Patapsco River have recorded failing grades in terms of water quality. Goals to make the harbor itself active by 2020 through the Healthy Harbor initiative look gloom thanks to waste that enters into from sewage systems when it rains. Not only does this affect sea life, but it can create waterborne diseases.

One of the most popular initiatives in the Baltimore Inner Harbor recovery is Mr. Trash Wheel, developed by city local John Kellett. This water wheel is fueled by sunlight and water and collect trash that ends up in Jones Falls River. Water currents do most of the work while a solar panel picks up the slack when that source is unavailable. To make things unique, it’s been given a personality with large googly eyes attached.