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Source: twitter

Nissan Promises Electric SUV Production Within Next 'Few Years'

By Brian Spaen

After revealing the concept of the Nissan IMx last October, the Japanese auto manufacturer will be bringing it into production sooner than expected. Mamoru Aoki, one of the company’s executive design directors, told Autocar that it would happen “in a few years.” There’s an expectation that the new electric vehicle will finally attract a mainstream audience.

Last October at the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan released a concept of the IMx, which was similar to their Leaf EV model, but as an SUV crossover. Two electric motors, with a combined output of 320 kilowatts, powered the four-wheel drive with an estimated range of 372 miles. The manufacturer billed it as a “vision of the future.”

That future seems to be coming in the next couple years, and it’s a pretty aggressive goal considering what the concept featured. Their ProPilot self-driving system is expected to offer full autonomy and the steering wheel would retract when activated. A minimalistic dashboard is also operated with the use of eye movements and hand gestures.