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Source: porsche/twitter

Porsche Debuts First Electric Cross-Utility Vehicle

By Brian Spaen

Porsche is enhancing their electric vehicle portfolio with an exciting crossover edition of their Mission E. A concept of the Cross Turismo model was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this week at Switzerland. The new all-wheel drive will be able to handle off-road travel and various weather conditions without emitting carbon dioxide.

The new crossover has a sporty look, similar to the 911 models that, at the time being, won’t be electrified. It has the ability to handle various types of terrain and can quickly go on and off paved roads thanks to its adaptable air suspension and the manufacturer’s all-wheel driving technology. It’s designed to be the first electric vehicle that contains a continuous power level.

Its electric powertrain has over 600 horsepower with two electric motors and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. Maximum range falls at 311 miles and 80 percent of the vehicle can be charged in 15 minutes. The 800-volt lithium-ion battery can be charged with induction technology or at home on a charging dock.