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Source: Twitter

This Self-Driving Car Creates Water We May Be Able To Store And Drink

By Brian Spaen

Hyundai is showcasing their new hydrogen fuel cell SUV crossover at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. A fleet of Nexos drove from Seoul to PyeongChang, where the Olympics are being held. The 118-mile trek was completed without human interaction and all the vehicles safely made it to their destination. A unique aspect of the vehicle is that it only emits water vapor, which in turn could be recycled to create a beverage. Imagine having fresh tea or coffee while the car is driving itself!

In total, five Hyundai self-driving prototypes completed the route to Pyeongchang -- three of them were Nexos. They were able to successfully maneuver through public roads that included highways with toll gates, underground tunnels, and urban roadways with traffic lights and circles. Overall, the vehicles were able to change lanes fluently and passed slower cars.

"South Korea started late but we are at a level where we can pull off autonomous driving even in complicated, difficult situations," Kim Jin-hoo, deputy director at the transport ministry, told the Associated Press. "We hope the event has helped ease public fears toward self-driving cars and piqued interest since the government aims to see self-driving cars commercialized by 2020."