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Source: Twitter

Tesla Is Officially Bringing A Second Huge Battery To Australia

By Brian Spaen

Just a month after Tesla completed a major battery backup system in South Australia, they’re jumping into a new project in another Australian state. Victoria has reached out to the company to create a smaller facility for a local wind farm. The news comes after CEO Elon Musk said that they would continue to help out Australia’s power problems.

The Australian Financial Review reported on Friday that Tesla was going to create a 20-megawatt Powerpack system for a 204-megawatt wind farm at the future Bulgana Green Power Hub. That would be one-fifth the size of the Hornsdale Wind Farm backup facility. It would be funded by Nectar Farms, who is opening a glasshouse farming operation, and the local state government.

Since the new hub and wind farm in Western Victoria still needs to be built, it’s anticipated that the battery project will be completed by mid-2019. The wind farm will be developed by Neoen, who was also behind the Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia. Managing director Franck Woitiez praised Tesla’s battery system, believing that the new project “may support the grid in the future.”