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Source: FOX/pexels

Why Companies Are Replacing Plastic With Plant-Based Packaging

By Brian Spaen

With the renewable energy industry continuing to grow, oil companies have been looking at other ways to stay afloat in the future. They’re expected to lean more toward plastic production as buildings and vehicles transition toward sustainable sources. However, the fossil fuel industry’s reliance on creating plastics could also be dampened thanks to a number of companies moving toward the use of bioplastics.

By the time we reach 2040, the International Energy Agency believes most of the demand for oil will be toward petrochemicals. Ethylene and propylene, which accounts for 70 percent of all petrochemicals, are used to create plastics. There will still be some demand for it with road freight trucks, aviation, and shipping, but ultimately these fossil fuels will be used to meet growing demands for plastic.

Source: Pixabay