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Source: Twitter

California's First Electric Highway Is Finally Open

By Brian Spaen

California is the newest destination for a Siemens’ eHighway system. What exactly is an eHighway? The mile-long electric highway is able to power electric trucks with overhead cables. The goal of this is to showcase potential for zero-emission cargo transportation. Right now, the eHighway is about a mile long, and runs between ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Interestingly, California's electric highway isn't the first in the world. Siemens started the eHighway concept back in 2012, where Germany was the host of hybrid commercial vehicles that were connected and powered by electric cables in the sky. As the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, they needed find a solution to avoid large electric trucks from needing to stop and charge. Another demo highway is located in Sweden.

If the eHighway is feasible in urban environments, they could create an enormous change in carbon emissions. Large vehicles can be powered by cables for long distances while ports located in Los Angeles and Long Beach would have significantly less smog. Three different trucks will be used on California’s test road: a fully electric truck, a compressed hybrid truck, and a hybrid big rig. Other vehicles can use the road at the same time.