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Source: Twitter

Startup Captures And Recycles Carbon Emissions With Shipping Containers

By Brian Spaen

Transitioning to an economy that emits less carbon will help keep the global temperature from rising at a rapid rate, but there’s a team hoping to literally suck the emissions out of the air. A carbon capture machine sits atop of a waste neutralizing facility in Zurich and does just that. Then, the collected carbon dioxide is sold to places that need it to grow plants or create beverages.

The startup behind the CO2 collection is Climeworks, and their product is featured on a waste management plant in Zurich, Switzerland. Six units are placed in each of the three repurposed shipping containers. Sponge filters inside of the machine collect the carbon dioxide in the air, and it takes roughly two to three hours to complete this process.

When the sponges are filled, the box closes and is heated up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. By doing this, the captured CO2 converts into a regenerated form that’s valuable in a few different situations. For example, a plant can be used to create the carbonation of soda or beer, packaged in fresh meat and vegetables to preserve quality, and it can be funneled into greenhouses to help plants thrive.