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Source: Pixabay

Audi Becomes Next Car Manufacturer To Implement Solar Panels

By Brian Spaen

Solar energy isn’t able to charge electric vehicles on the go yet, but it can make them more efficient. Audi has teamed up with Hanergy to develop specialized panels for their new cars. The concept has been seen by other manufacturers, but the German company may have the best effort yet.

Audi’s vision is to have thin solar panels scattered across the glass roof of their inaugural electric vehicle, the “e-tron quattro.” Its flexibility will be able to conform to any part of the roof, providing as much real estate as possible to allow maximum solar power. According to Digital Trends, the unique ability will be able to gather in sunlight at all times of the day.

Energy generated by the solar panels will be used to power amenities inside the vehicle, such as air conditioning, and seat heaters. They’ll be absorbing the generated power so the car battery is able to focus more on increasing the vehicle’s range. At the moment, no statistics are available to show how much energy it could save, but there is an expected range of over 310 miles at the car battery’s full capacity.