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Source: Pixabay

8 Eco-Friendly Party Supplies For A Sustainable Celebration

By Kristin Hunt

Everything you need to throw a good party is usually disposable, single-use, or covered in plastic. Just think about the aisles of any party supply store. The superhero plates and skeleton streamers are all designed for easy clean-up rather than long-term use — and when you’re planning a gathering for dozens of people, that’s kind of understandable. But there are simple ways to make your celebrations more sustainable, and it starts with swapping your supplies.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party for a 5-year-old or a bridal shower for your best friend, you can find products that are naturally derived or can degrade in a compost pile, rather than a landfill. Here are a few sustainable party supplies to get you started, plus some DIY projects you can complete yourself.