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Source: Pixabay

Tesla Will Begin Building Upgraded Supercharger Stations In United States

By Brian Spaen

Having trouble finding room at a Tesla Supercharger station to get your electric car charged up? Many United States locations are getting an upgrade while two new stations in Albany, New York, and Burbank, California, will have 20 stalls available. This will be an attempt to fix an overflow problem that some stations have to deal with while also preparing for the new Model 3.

In the beginning, Supercharger stations had anywhere from four to six stalls when first built. That number has gradually bumped up from six to eight, then 10 to 12, and now 20 based on the latest report from Electrek. Tesla’s Supercharger in Norway was the first 20-stall location when it launched last September.

Albany’s large Supercharger station is made with highway traffic in mind as it will be located along I-90 and I-87. Burbank’s version has a focus on urban living and will complement another often-busy Supercharger a mile away. The older station has six stalls and there are constantly lines of cars waiting. Tesla even sent letters to Model S owners in the area back in 2015 to stop using the station as much and to charge more frequently at home.