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Source: Pixabay

Tesla Plans To Run Most Supercharger Stations On Solar And Battery Power

By Brian Spaen

Tesla is hoping to give plenty of house owners the ability to go off the grid, and now they’re in the process of doing the same with their Supercharger stations. An exchange on Twitter with Elon Musk revealed that nearly all of the charging centers could be ran on their own energy in the future. The move has been rendered as interesting according to industry experts. 

The company’s CEO responded to a comment on Twitter that brought up the Supercharger station in Asheville, North Carolina, using a coal-fired power plant to generate electricity. The issue is that carbon emissions theoretically would still remain a problem for those that fueled up their electric vehicle at that station. He said that “all Superchargers are being converted to solar/battery power” and “almost all will disconnect from the electricity grid.”

Why “theoretically”? Just having that assumption is untrue based on actual research. There’s less carbon emissions coming from power plants that run on coal versus the internal combustion system in cars. However, most of that depends on the area and its electrical grid -- some are dirtier than others. For those arguing it would increase power plant production, the majority of consumers will charge their EVs at night and away from peak times.