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Tesla's Solar Roofs Are Finally Available And They're Cheaper Than Expected

By Brian Spaen

If you've ever thought about installing a solar roof but thought it was too expensive, Tesla's solar roofs are finally here and they're surprisingly pretty affordable. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that solar roof tiles will be available to purchase starting today, and Tesla also shared that the first two styles of its solar roof will be priced at about $21.85 per square foot, slightly lower than the $24.50 per square foot that Consumer Reports initially expected.

Musk explained the product would be delivered throughout the United States later this year and places overseas including Australia and Europe can expect delivery in 2018. 

The company most famous for its electric cars had a stunning announcement back last October that it would be creating a more traditional solar roof instead of panels placed on top of them. They detailed four different varieties of tiles: Tuscan, smooth, textured, and slate. Fred Lambert of Electrek reports that black editions of the smooth and textured designs will be available to order first.

An acquisition of SolarCity was completed in late November that was worth $2.6 billion. This company began back in 2006 with a focus to limit the costs of solar energy. After joining with Tesla, they currently design and produce solar panels that can be placed on a roof, which is different than the solar roof itself. They’ve also created the Powerwall, a device that can store over twice as much energy that a home needs in case of power outages.