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Source: Pixabay

Black Market For Used Grease Converted Into Biodiesel Fuel Increases


When most of us deal with grease on our food, we tend to simply find it disgusting. It will leak all over fast food bags, and it requires a lot of soap and water to clean off our hands. Used vegetable oil from cooking can be a mess when it comes to the cleanup process, as well. However, some people make a living from this grease. In fact, there’s an entire black market for it as biofuel continues to rise in value.

There are massive amounts of grease waste being generated by restaurants, especially in the fast food industry. Most of this gunk is handled by specific companies that deal with the waste. Once there’s enough, it's placed in a locked dumpster, and they’ll collect it and give it to an oil company that converts the used grease into biodiesel fuel. It should be a simple process, but gangs have taken advantage of the process and have created an illegal, lucrative business out of it.