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Source: articonn

The Four Steps Anyone Can Take To Keep Recyclables Away From Landfills

By Nicole Caldwell

Of the items Americans throw away, half could be recycled—but isn’t. Luckily, this is something we can absolutely change.

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is to simply reuse what you have, and to use less. It’s not sustainable for us to continuously buy disposable items and then toss them into the recycle bins. Especially when you consider that tin, aluminum, steel and glass are the only materials that can be recycled over and over indefinitely. Plastic’s fibers no longer hold together after around seven recycles, paper after four. Keep that in mind every time you get a paper bank statement, junk mail you have yet to unsubscribe from, or take a paper receipt.

To make sure the items you do use are recycled properly, you’ve got to make sure they find their way into the right bin. Ecofriend made things simple and outlined a four-step system to making sure everything that can be recycled, is.