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Source: Unsplash

In New Fashion Fad, Style Merges With Sustainability

By Nicole Caldwell

Historically, sustainability and style have rarely shared the same stage. Much public scorn has been heaped on the fashion industry. Whether shining a spotlight on fabrics made with unsustainably grown materials, condemning child labor and sweatshops, protesting the fur industry or calling labels sizeist for only employing the skinniest of skinny runway models, there’s no shortage of criticism over fashion’s short-fallings when it comes to health, the economy, animals, and the environment.

But there’s a change afoot and it’s centered around treading a bit more gently on the planet and its inhabitants.

The fashion industry is catching up to the environmental movement, with Africa’s largest textile trade fair choosing sustainability in clothing as its 2017 theme, and organizations like Nest connecting designer labels with artisan cooperatives all over the world.