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Source: skeeze

California To Invest $1 Billion In Solar For Low-Income Housing Units

By Nicole Caldwell

Too often, options for going green are reserved for the wealthy. Switching to smart heating systems, solar or wind power oftentimes come with hefty up-front costs. And for those of us who rent instead of own property, installing alternative energy systems is out of the question.

California’s Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program has found a way to mitigate that by reinvesting money raised through the state’s gas cap-and-trade program into solar power for multi-family, low-income housing units.

The solar roofs program was designed in part by solar provider Everyday Energy, a firm serving low-income. Focused on owners of low-income housing units, the bill outfits low-income properties with solar so savings can be passed along to renters living there.