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Source: Alicia Zinn/Pexels

Thanks To Consumer Demand, Companies Are Greener Than Ever

By Nicole Caldwell

Corporations are feeling the pressure to go green, and that's a really good thing for the environment. In the last year, 25 percent more companies have touted the environmental and social benefits of their products, and 40 percent of all companies now say they’ve taken action to improve the eco-friendliness of what they offer. This shift suggests a trend no one should ignore: Corporations are listening to where consumers put their dollars, and as buyers invest their money into eco-friendly products and brands, companies are changing practices to meet their demands.

How you shop is shifting corporate policies for the better. 

In general, you know that consumer demand drives the products companies sell. So when Walmart comes out with Project Gigaton, an initiative to take 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases out of its supply chain by 2030, you know consumer demand for green products and eco-friendly practices is growing exponentially.

Products traveling along the consumer-supply chain account for a whopping “60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, three-quarters of forced and child labor, and nearly two-thirds of tropical deforestation,” Euan Murray, chief executive of The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), wrote in Green Biz. TSC is a global, non-profit organization functioning to green the consumer-goods industry.