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Source: Pixabay

5 Natural Face Masks You Can Make With Ingredients From Your Kitchen

By Kristin Hunt

Between charcoal and snail slime masks, it’s never been trendier to slather strange goop on your forehead. Face masks are one of the many ways people take care of their skin, and while you can usually find a sheet mask in the drugstore for a few bucks, these items have a way of adding up — especially if they’re a regular part of your skincare routine.

But you don’t have to raid Sephora to stay stocked in face masks. You can make them at home, using natural, organic ingredients. 

The following five ingredients feature vitamins, acids, and enzymes that naturally improve your skin. Mix them with the pairings suggested below, and you’ll have a gentle face mask ready to go. Best of all, you can find each of these bases in your fridge or local grocery store.