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Source: pexels

9 Meatless Meals Perfect For Meal Prep

By Marissa Higgins

Whether you're working or in school, everyone knows meal prep is an easy way to cut down on your daily tasks and give you more time to yourself. Meal prep is as easy as you make it. Most people who do it cook large batches of food, often on a Sunday, and portion it out into meals to pop in the fridge (or freezer) for the coming week. These can be for lunches, dinners, or even breakfasts.

For some reason, a stereotype exists that meal prepped meals have to be meat-heavy. Think about how often grilled chicken breast, for example, is the staple protein in a meal prep recipe. While many people enjoy meal prepping meat, you certainly have options if you'd like to reduce your meat consumption

Centering your meals around a healthy grain, like quinoa, whole grain pasta, or rice, a plant-based protein, like baked tofu or homemade seitan, and a hearty portion of vegetables is key. It's also easy to add a fresh fat, like avocado or hummus, each day.