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Source: pixabay/pexels

This Device Can Double The 'Green' Life Of Bananas To Reduce Waste

By Brian Spaen

Have you ever had your bananas go brown while sitting on your kitchen counter? Sadly, you're not alone. Half of the produce we buy on average is thrown away, and bananas are one of the most popular in that group. In order to extend the life of these bananas and other fresh produce, one company has created a filter that prevents them from ripening.

"It’s Fresh!" is the startup behind a filter that can be used at any point of the produce supply chain. For example, while it's in delivery, on store shelves, or in homes. All it takes is placing the filter (what looks like a notecard at first glance) right near the food, like on top of a banana bundle. It’s an ideal scenario for keeping bananas green even longer, which is required by some grocers to even sell them.

The company set up a trial run in Costa Rica in the transportation of bananas, with one batch having the filters added and the other without it. At the conclusion, nearly all of the bananas that had the filters had a significant green color. It’s Fresh! believes that these filters can nearly double a banana’s lifespan to 70 days.