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Source: Stocksnap

One Company Discovered How To Redesign Veggies To Make Them Taste Better

By Brian Spaen

While some of us like our fruits and vegetables, only 10 percent of Americans eat enough of them to satisfy a recommended diet. There’s still many that don’t buy enough produce, and that could range from worries of spoilage to how it all tastes. The founders of Row 7 have an ambition to change how we eat with better tasting crops.

The idea for the startup began seven years ago with chef Dan Barber challenging a vegetable breeder, Michael Mazourek, to create a more appetizing butternut squash. The result was honeynut squash, a sweeter and smaller version that didn’t have any added sugars or flavoring. To get it off the ground, Barber implemented the new food in his dishes and it spread.

Now, honeynut squash can be found at farmers markets, national grocery stores like Whole Foods, and food delivery services like Blue Apron. That success has led to the founding of Row 7 last February with a third member, seedsman Matthew Goldfarb. It’s a collaboration of chefs and seed breeders to reimagine how food is grown.