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Source: Facebook

This App Lets You Order Excess Food From Restaurants At Half The Price

By Brian Spaen

Most people enjoy going out to eat, whether it is at a restaurant or a cafe. Sadly, these places often generate a significant amount of food waste; either because they had less customers than they expected, someone ordered too much of certain perishable ingredients, or because of mistakes in the kitchen. At closing time, a number of restaurants will offer this excess food to customers at a discount, just to get it out the door, or even donate it to those in need. 

Of course, there’s never a guarantee that this excess food will be available. And not all eateries have this option; sometimes food goes straight into the dumpster. To make this process a lot easier, and significantly curb food waste, a new dining app called Karma offers meals at a fraction of the price from participating restaurants. And with an app, you don't need to go from restaurant to restaurant to scope out possible deals, making the experience easier on your time and your wallet. And, of course, the planet.

Karma launched in London last Thursday on iOS and Android devices. The process is very simple and free for customers to use. All they have to do is open up the app and scroll through the various restaurants and meals they have to offer. An order is placed through the app, the customer arrives at the restaurant within a designated window of time, and the meal is taken.