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Source: Ela Haney/Pexels

Switching From Beef To Beans Could Slice Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By Nicole Caldwell

With one dietary swap, the United States could just about meet its 2020 greenhouse-gas emission goals without making a single change to our country’s transportation or energy infrastructure. The switch? Trading out beef for beans.

Go ahead and eat all the cheese, chicken, eggs and pork your heart desires. Drive around in a Hummer and keep your air conditioning running 24/7. Simply ditch beef along with every other American, and the country will be on track to meet the emissions target put forth in 2009. 

At least, that’s the conclusion of a group of scientists who recently calculated the effects of this singular dietary change. The researchers hail from Oregon State University, Bard College, and Loma Linda University (LLU), and published their findings in the July issue of Springer Nature.