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Source: greekfood-tamystika

New TV Show 'SCRAPS' Teaches Home Cooks How To Turn Food Waste Into Dinner

By Nicole Caldwell

On sites like MyFridgeFood and Supercook, you enter the ingredients you’ve got at home and up pop recipes. But now, that concept’s got a new twist: a cooking show that teaches you how to turn actual food scraps into gourmet dishes.

Television network FYI has partnered with Sur La Table to produce the new culinary series “SCRAPS,” which follows national Sur La Table Chef Joel Gamoran around the United States in his 1963 Volkswagen bus (which doubles as a mobile kitchen) as he makes culinary history turning food waste and scraps into delicacies. The series began airing in May.

Look at what's possible when you cook with #SCRAPS.

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