McDonald’s Unveils Brand New Vegan Burger In Norway

McDonald’s Unveils Brand New Vegan Burger In Norway
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Updated 1 year ago

If McDonald’s can do it, anyone can.

The fast food giant recently added Norway to its (surprisingly) short list of nations where the chain sells vegan burgers, slightly tilting the tables ever more in favor of vegan foodies seeking quick, convenient meals on-the-go. The Veggie McSpice, a red kidney bean patty that can be ordered vegan without the cheese on top, is flavored with cayenne, cumin and tomato powder, and comes on a vegan bun with lettuce, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. 

Norway is now sharing a stage for McDonald’s vegan burgers with more than a half-dozen other countries that include Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

There’s still no telling when McDonald’s will bring the vegan love stateside. That’s in spite of findings in the 2017 Protein Alternatives Report that a whopping 64 percent of millennials have tried meatless burgers, and only 20 percent have sampled a Big Mac.

Extra surprising, considering the notable brand recognition McDonald’s carries over just about everything. Think about it: The only fictional character more recognizable than Ronald McDonald is Santa Claus. So, what gives?

While McDonald’s waits on who-knows-what to bring some vegan fare to the United States, other fast-food chains are stealing all the thunder. White Castle now has two vegan burger options available. Burger King has a vegetarian MorningStar Farms burger for its clientele, though there is no word on when they’ll have a totally vegan option. 

And Taco Bell has blown everyone out of the water, with a mobile app allowing diners to add and take away any ingredients they’d like. The chain even offers an online guide of the store’s most popular food substitutions and a vegan guide.

Never thought you’d see the day, right?

While you’re waiting for all fast food chains to offer vegan meals you can indulge in on-the-go, check out these recipes to make mock-ups of your own. 

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