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Source: Leah Kelley

How These 2 Breweries Produce Vegan Proteins, Not Beer

By Nicole Caldwell

Two companies are using brewery methods to produce vegan versions of gelatin and cow milk—not alcohol. The proteins Geltor and Perfect Day Foods are raising in labs are chemically identical to their animal-based counterparts. But they're also 100% vegan.

In the process, both companies are disrupting an industry that depends on animal proteins for products such as milk, cheese, gummy bears, Jell-O and marshmallows. All of which can now be produced without any animal whatsoever. Here’s how.

Vegan gelatin

Gelatin is an animal protein used in all kinds of products people use every day: cosmetics, medicines, shampoos, photographic film, anything administered by gel cap, and food like puddings and candies. To extract gelatin from an animal (usually a cow or pig), one must first boil down its bones, ligaments, skin and tendons.