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Source: Jarmoluk

5 Easy Food Preservation Methods That Can Save You Hundreds

By Nicole Caldwell

Americans toss about 80 billion pounds of food into the garbage every year. Broken down by household, that’s about $640 worth of food annually, or roughly 16% of the food we pay good money for.

Even if we’re composting (we’re all composting, right?), that’s an enormously high level of food we intended to eat that we’re not. And a lot of that is due to the food going bad before we can shovel it into our mouths. But even if you can’t find your way around a kitchen, there are several very easy preserving methods anyone can use to extend the shelf-life of the perishable food. Here are a few of them.

Freeze your leftovers

There are lots of foods that can go directly into the freezer so long as they’re in containers that won’t shatter in the cold or subject your food to freezer burn. Pasta sauces, meats, breads and just about any faux meat or tofu all freeze perfectly and lose nothing by way of flavor or nutrition through the defrosting process.