First All-Vegan Cruise Prepares To Set Sail In Australia

This year, an all-vegan cruise is coming to Australia for the first time. The Whole Connection plans to launch a nine-day trip from Sydney that will coast around the Pacific Islands on a five-star cruise ship, The Celebrity Solstice. It’s a voyage to help people discover “optimal health, vitality, and wellbeing” in their life.

Paige Renshaw can up with the idea for all-vegan cruise, as she had recently switched over to a plant-based diet herself. She’s suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, a mysterious disorder that makes people constantly tired and struggle to recover after resting. Not much is known about the cause, but Renshaw tackled it by changing her eating habits to a plant-based diet.

What can we expect on the plant-based cruise? For those that are interested or beginning to adopt the lifestyle, there will be various demonstrations and activities for further education in the form of live speakers, cooking classes, and documentaries. The ship also features massive swimming pools, spas, workout facilities, and various games and party halls with live entertainment.

"It’s the perfect self-care opportunity and a fantastic way to relax, unwind and learn how to reach optimal health, vitality and wellbeing, surrounded by like-minded people,” Renshaw told Plant-Based News. "I want to inspire people to live their best lives and take total control of their health, their happiness and their circumstances."

There’s a significant emphasis on inspiration for helping people live a better life. Not only will there be plenty of educational sources available, but they’re currently looking for speakers that can amp up morale. These presentations will feature tips and strategies to keep a plant-based lifestyle sustainable.

On top of that, it’s aimed to do what most luxury cruises feature -- a way to detach from a normal work schedule and relax. A benefit to bringing like-minded individuals together is to form friendships with others. This can give people more support to continue changing their lifestyle for the better.

The Whole Connection’s first-ever vegan cruise is expected to depart on October 20th with additional details on speakers, documentaries, and other activities coming soon. On their official page, people can sign up to show their interest in attending the cruise or send in an application to help out behind the scenes.

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