'Casa Pollo' Is An Eco-Friendly Home Built From Recycled Materials

Off the coast of Chile and in the Pacific Ocean, Chiloe Island harbors a unique home that’s made out of reclaimed building material. Casa Pollo was created in 2016 by Ortuzar Gebauer Arquitectos. Made mostly of zinc plates and reused wood, the large structure aims to adapt to the land surrounding it.

Casa Pollo is a welcoming home with its open design that fuses indoor and outdoor activity. It’s located right along the edge of the Caicawe canal, offering incredible views from its beautiful timber deck. This is accomplished by making the entire facade facing the canal completely open for the inhabitants. 

Another great way to view the canal is from a protected terrace above, which offers easy access to a barbecue and wine cellar regardless of weather conditions. Most of the upper level is closed off for privacy and protects the interior from various weather conditions.

Reclaimed native wood is used throughout the interior, found in the floors, doors, and linings of the home. Some aspects, such as the winding staircase and windows, were used in an old Chiloe house that’s been demolished. The exterior of the structure reuses old zinc plates, which gives it the outside look of an old Chiloe warehouse or barn.

Casa Pollo, located just north of Quemchi, has the incredible visuals of looking like it’s been on Chiloe Island for years, but it still has a marvelous charm. There’s great potential for hosting larger parties with a spacious interior design and the open facade facing the canal. It’s also well-equipped for anyone that enjoys an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Eugenio Ortuzar and Tania Gebauer, who were the architects in charge of Casa Pollo, also constructed the MULLER House in Chile back in 2016. This is a smaller passive house that focuses on energy efficiency. While most of the inside is illuminated with its large windows, bedrooms on opposite sides of the structure retain privacy.

The public, open area of the household features a kitchen, dining area, living area, and a partially-covered terrace. Similar to Casa Pollo, the architects had protection from weather in mind while enjoying outdoor activities. For those that don’t find a bigger structure that looks like an old warehouse as appealing (or need the space), this would be a great alternative while maintaining sustainability.

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