This Folding Electric Bike Is Here To Reinvent Your Daily Commute

Britain’s biggest cycle company has unveiled the world’s first electric bike. The Brompton Electric allows riders to choose between cycling and riding, with a built-in option to switch over to electric with the push of a button. When the power kicks in, Brompton’s 300-watt battery can propel you forward for up to 50 miles at 15 mph without you having to so much as pedal.  

A bike that folds down to two feet can also drive you around with an engine. 

Brompton has been the gold standard in urban bicycles for years. The original design came about in the 1970s, and the company has been pushing the proverbial envelope ever since. The sleek design, custom capabilities, and folding action of Brompton bikes quite frankly make them worth every penny of their $1,000-plus price tags. Bromptons are the sleekest, smartest, and easily the most convenient option for commuters traveling by bike in busy cities.  

Now Brompton’s upped the bar even further by incorporating an electric option into the bikes. So if you don’t want to roll up at work sweating profusely, or if your commuting distance is too far to bike, now you have other options.

The electric bicycle’s battery can be recharged on a wall socket at home, while your folded up bike sits next to it taking up almost no space at all. In addition to the recharge convenience, having the bicycle itself packed up and away prevents you from stressing about leaving something worth so much money chained up to a rack outside. Seriously—once folded, this thing only takes up a 23” x 22.2” x 10.6” space.

You can pick how much help you need. 

Sometimes, you may bike to work or play and enjoy pumping the pedals. Other times, you may be climbing a hill or late to a meeting and simply can’t be exerting the extra effort and sweat equity to get from point A to point B. In those instances, you hit the ‘+’ icon on the handlebars. There are four modes ranging from no assistance to a ride that feels pretty effortless.

Plus, the electronics connect to your smartphone so you can customize ride settings and keep track of your mileage and service history.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. 

The key features on the Bromson Electric are extensive and include

  • A custom-developed, 250-watt front hub motor that gives an insanely high performance-to-weight output.
  • An electric bike that folds down to the same size as the company’s non-electric models.
  • A battery with user interface and USB charging port to boot that can be carried separately from the bike, so you can easily recharge even if you’re in a coffee shop.
  • A battery bag (standard on all Brompton Electric bikes) as well as an optional upgrade to commuter bag to stow other items, like your computer.
  • Integrated torque and cadence sensor 

The bike is currently available for pre-order. It will be released first in the United Kingdom, then in select international cities. Get on the bandwagon here. The electric models start around $3,000.  

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